Berrien County, Mich. August 23, 2023 - Vickers Engineering, a world-class precision machining company, gained Weesaw Township approval of an Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption (IFTE) to build a 14,900 square foot building on its campus located on Glendora Road.


The new building will be used to store raw materials, tools, parts and equipment so areas in Vickers’ current building may be repurposed for more efficient manufacturing production. Vickers services the Automotive, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Defense, and Industrial markets.


“Vickers' continued growth has increased the need for more production materials to be readily available and on hand. Adding materials would cut manufacturing space in its current shop,” said Cathy Tilley, Director of Business Development at Cornerstone Alliance. “The new building will enhance production flow to meet increased sales and allow 10 skilled people to join Vickers. This expansion allows Vickers’ to support its core values of quality, reliability, outstanding people and customer service and handle the growth.”


The Tax Exemption granted by Weesaw Township Commission is an economic development resource available to local municipalities, through the State of Michigan. It provides a tax incentive to manufacturers to enable the renovation and expansion of aging facilities, assist in the building of new facilities, and promote the establishment of high-tech facilities. The Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption entitles the facility to exemption from ad valorem real and/or personal property taxes, at 50%, for a term of 1-12 years as determined by the local unit of government. Vickers will continue to pay full taxes on the current facility, plus the full school taxes on the new building once it is completed. 


Vickers Engineering's expansion project is expected to create new job opportunities, foster a spirit of innovation and contribute to the overall growth of the region's manufacturing sector. With an investment of over $500,000, this project serves as a testament to the commitment of both Vickers Engineering and Cornerstone Alliance in driving economic prosperity.


"Over the past two years, our team at Vickers has successfully executed the most substantial growth period in our 53-year history. This additional space will allow us to fulfill growth commitments in 2024, and 2025. We're excited as we continue to add to our skilled workforce right here in SW Michigan." said Matt Tyler, President of Vickers Engineering. “The team at Cornerstone Alliance played an instrumental role in supporting us throughout the application and approval process. They are knowledgeable about the State requirements and explained the win/win situation to us and the Weesaw Board."