Current Projects

Benton Harbor Parking Lot

This project will construct a new asphalt public parking lot, located at 77 and 81 W. Wall Street, Benton Harbor, MI. Development of the parking lot, which will be adjacent to Cornerstone Alliance's existing private parking lot, will provide 23 new parking spaces, inclusive of an ADA required space with a minimum 96 inch van accessible aisle. The construction project will also provide supplemental illumination along with landscaping and trees added along the perimeter of the lot.

Bos Concrete

Bos Concrete will expand their company with the help of Cornerstone Alliance. The company is eagerly anticipating the benefits the second location will bring to their business. The new plant will be state-of-the-art, capable of producing 200 yards of concrete an hour. The $1 million investment will provide a dozen jobs at the site.

City Center Lofts

Located at the corner of Main Street and Pipestone Street in Benton Harbor, the building was originally constructed in the 1880’s and underwent a remodel in the 1970’s. Public-private partnerships between Cornerstone Alliance, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the City Council of Benton Harbor, the Benton Harbor Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, and Cressy Commercial Real Estate resulted in a comprehensive rehabilitation of the structure and its purpose. The building now serves as a mixed-use space and includes two commercial suites and 16 neo-industrial style lofts featuring exposed ductwork, spiral staircases, and 16-foot ceilings. Ranging from studio apartments to one-bedroom apartments with an office, no two are the same.

Cornerstone Industrial Park

Coming soon!

Edgewater Automation

Cornerstone Alliance assisted Edgewater Automation in securing additional assembly space due to recent growth. Edgewater will expand in the City of St. Joseph at 211 Hilltop Road. This expansion will create nearly 20 new jobs in the City of St. Joseph, adding to the 145 Edgewater employees in the State of Michigan, and result in a total investment of over $300,000. New jobs will include office and administration, apprenticeships, marketing, sales, design, assembly and machining.

Oronoko Iron Works

Oronoko Iron Works, Inc. has closed on a new property in Bridgman, Mich., with plans to make their move this spring. With over 50,000 square footage to work with, Oronoko Iron Works will occupy the front building and lease the rear building. The total estimated investment is projected to be $1.6 Million and the business looks to add to their seven-person team by hiring additional employees after getting settled in.

Ridge & Kramer

The proposed use of the rehabilitated facility is two commercial tenant spaces, one will be approximately 25,470 SF and the other 36,146 SF. This project will bring additional traffic to the M-139 Corridor to patronize commercial establishments and add to the revitalization of the surrounding urban area. The State of Michigan, Berrien County and Benton Charter Township all stand to benefit from this project.


Special-Lite is experiencing significant growth and plans to expand the capabilities at its manufacturing facility in Benton Harbor, a project that will include moving the production line from its facility in Arkansas and require additional upgrades inside and out. The project is expected to generate a total private investment of $2.3 million and create 61 jobs, resulting in a $300,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant. Michigan was chosen for the expansion over the company’s Arkansas location.

Waterways Program

Construction of waterfront infrastructure station 3 (St. Joe Arboretum location) nears completion. Due to the impact of COVID-19 construction was delayed to the end of quarter 2. All major installations on the site have been erected (benches, light post, shade structure, concrete pad, etc.). Landscaping remains as one of the final installments on the site. The Water Taxi was intended to debut during the 2020 Senior PGA tournament. Cornerstone Alliance plans to launch the Water Taxi experience during the Spring of 2021. Station 3 is one of the many planned waterfront infrastructure sites within Benton Harbor and St. Joe. Additional stops are planned to be erected along the St. Joseph River. Funding for this project (Department of Natural Resources – St. Joseph Harbor Mobility Waterways Grant) is currently on hold.

Whirlpool Saint Joseph Tech Center

This project is an expansion of the technology center to include state-of-art R&D labs, new workforce environment, connectivity of buildings and restoration of existing offices. Whirlpool Corporation expects to retain between 550 and 700 jobs at the St. Joseph Tech Center. $25,000,000 and no new jobs.