ROYALTON, Mich. (July 8, 2024) - Vail Rubber Works, Inc., a cornerstone of St. Joseph's industrial community since 1920, announces a major expansion into a new 70,000 square feet facility in Royalton Township. Headquartered in St. Joseph, the company will relocate operations from Langley Ave. to Glenlord Rd. in Royalton Township, positioning itself for continued growth and innovation in manufacturing.

This expansion project represents a substantial investment of $16,813,710 into the local economy. Pearson Construction has been selected to oversee construction efforts, ensuring the project meets rigorous standards of quality and efficiency.

"We are pleased to support Vail Rubber Works, Inc. in their expansion endeavors," said Zachary Vaughn, Director of Business Growth at Cornerstone Alliance. "Cornerstone Alliance has been instrumental in facilitating the Industrial Facilities Exemption (IFE) process, which will provide a 50% abatement of property taxes for 12 years on their new facility. This incentive underscores our commitment to fostering economic development and job creation in Royalton Township."

Founded over a century ago, Vail Rubber Works, Inc. has a rich history of adapting to market demands, initially specializing in rubber railroad tie switches before becoming a leader in manufacturing roll covers for industries such as paper and metal. The expansion into the new facility at Glenlord Rd. is expected to significantly enhance their production capabilities and maintain their leadership in the manufacturing sector.

Cornerstone Alliance continues to play a pivotal role in supporting local businesses like Vail Rubber Works, Inc., providing strategic guidance and resources to facilitate growth and expansion in Southwest Michigan.

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