WATERVLIET, Mich., (July 13, 2023) — The city of Watervliet, in collaboration with the Watervliet Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and Cornerstone Alliance, celebrated the grand opening of their most recent project, a public gathering space fondly referred to as ‘Main Street Oasis’.


Main Street Oasis, strategically located at the heart of Watervliet, provides a welcoming space for the community, live music, and food trucks, fostering a sense of togetherness and further enhancing the downtown experience for residents and visitors alike. On July 13th, the community and guests were able to witness the excitement first-hand during a ribbon cutting ceremony and following celebration.


Mayor Deah Muth expressed her enthusiasm for this community-driven project, stating, "Main Street Oasis is a testament to the spirit of collaboration and innovation in Watervliet. We are excited to offer our residents and visitors a unique gathering space that will foster a stronger sense of community pride and create unforgettable memories."


The park's design encompasses a thoughtfully curated environment, incorporating attractive landscaping, comfortable seating areas, and an open stage for live music performances. Main Street Oasis will serve as a versatile venue for local artists and musicians to showcase their talents, providing a platform for creativity and cultural expression.


Cornerstone Alliance, Berrien County’s leading economic development organization, was instrumental in connecting the city of Watervliet to the ‘Public Spaces Community Places’ initiative led by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), which matched the city’s crowdfunding campaign dollar-for-dollar.


"The Main Street Oasis aligns perfectly with our mission to create vibrant communities," said Andrew Haan, Director of Business Development at Cornerstone Alliance. "By providing a dynamic space for social gatherings and entertainment this project will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing success and prosperity of Watervliet. This project is one of many similar enhancements planned for Berrien County."