LAKE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – LECO Corporation recently donated 50 acres of prime industrial real estate to Cornerstone Alliance, Berrien County’s lead economic development agency. The agreement was announced today at the regular meeting of the Berrien County Land Bank. Cornerstone Alliance and the Renaissance Development Fund will partner with Berrien County Community Development and the Berrien County Land Bank to hold and collaboratively showcase the property in order to find the highest and best use of the site. 


The nearly 50-acre property is located in Lake Charter Township at the northwest corner of the intersection of Lemon Creek Road and Gast Road, just north of the City of Bridgman. The property is zoned for Industrial use and is adjacent to the CSX rail line.


“On behalf of a grateful community, I would like to thank the Warren family and LECO Corporation for this generous donation,” said Rob Cleveland, President of Cornerstone Alliance. “I’m confident that this donation will lead directly to new job creation and new investment in Berrien County and Lake Charter Township. The property is ideally located based on its proximity to Interstate-94 and being adjacent to a major railroad. Cornerstone Alliance partnered with the Bridgman and Lake Township communities and its Growth Alliance for precisely this reason. The acquisition of this property adds an attractive location for companies looking for a new place to build a facility.”


Since 1936, LECO has been the world leader in the manufacturing of laboratory equipment for multiple types of scientific testing. Headquartered in St. Joseph, the company recently invested in a $19 million dollar expansion in St. Joseph Charter Township.


“This particular piece of property has been underutilized for many years and has so much to offer the Lake Township community,” said Christopher Warren, President of Sales for LECO Corporation. “Cornerstone Alliance has the resources and experience in business development to identify new options for this land that will have a positive impact on the community.”


Wightman and Associates of Benton Charter Township has provided, and will continue to provide, environmental and planning expertise that is essential for long-term buildout of the site.


“The Bridgman CGA believes this is a great step forward for our communities,” said Brett Boyd, President of the Greater Bridgman Chamber and Growth Alliance. “We see the potential this parcel has for job creation and investment, and we support the acquisition by Cornerstone Alliance and Berrien County. This is one more example of how the CGA and its partners are working together to help our existing businesses grow and recruit new companies and people to greater Bridgman.”