Why You Should Invest


South Bend International Airport’s Executive Director, Mike Daigle believes that when communities work together on delivering economic development outcomes, it’s a win for everyone. “Supporting economic development is important and vital for the region,” said Daigle. “Southwest Michigan has tremendous resources that can and will attract new jobs and investment. Our local business community can help share this message with others, and garner interest and awareness of the region.”

South Bend International Airport (SBN) is a key partner of Cornerstone Alliance, promoting economic vibrancy to Michigan’s Great Southwest. According to Daigle, “When I joined the South Bend International Airport in 2012, one of our priorities was a focus on job growth in our region. Whether it is job growth on airport property or job growth within our region, we must be considerate of what is needed for that growth to take place.”

The airport plays a pivotal role in the area’s job growth initiative. “As companies are looking to relocate or expand, they must be able to reach current and prospective customers in a global marketplace,” said Daigle. “We are completing the final design of the facilities needed for international commercial and corporate/private aircraft to make SBN their first stop as they enter the United States. Once these facilities are complete, we will focus on international cargo with increased utilization of the Foreign Trade Zone that will save businesses time and money.”

To support improving the economic performance of Michigan’s Great Southwest, nonstop flights to Newark, NJ were added to the available flights in October, 2014. Daigle explained, “Connecting our region to the east coast and specifically New York City, the largest economy in the US, was another focus and a key win for our region.”

Daigle believes that successful economic development is not done in a vacuum. It happens when multiple partners and stakeholders are at the same table. “SBN is proud to be an investment partner of Cornerstone Alliance,” said Daigle. “When many support a common goal, the effect will always be much stronger than any one of us can accomplish individually. Cornerstone Alliance has a proven track record in advancing the competitive landscape in southwest Michigan. We want to continue this momentum when it comes to attracting new businesses and allowing existing businesses to grow here.”