Falcon Lakeside Manufacturing announced it has purchased a second manufacturing facility in Pipestone Township. The design development and manufacturing die casting company serving the automotive, heavy truck and electronic industries invested $1.8 million and is creating 27 new jobs. The 15,000 square foot facility will accommodate the equipment and workforce Falcon Lakeside needs to answer the demand from new and existing customers.

Falcon Lakeside took the initiative to diversify its capabilities to serve its current clients and attract new business. The company needed more equipment including larger tonnage die cast machines and fiber making equipment to accommodate new business and technology needs. Machining and assembly production will continue at the Lincoln Charter Township facility.

Falcon Lakeside opened its doors in 2011 in Lincoln Charter Township by consolidating activities previously performed in other Midwestern states. In 2011, the assets of Lakeside Manufacturing were purchased and the new business was formed.

Cornerstone Alliance, Berrien County’s lead economic development agency, has been working with Falcon Lakeside Manufacturing for more than a year to secure the right property for its increased production needs.

“We have been busy from the beginning,” said owner Frank Sant. “We have a talented team who can create innovative products for our customer-base. This innovation has increased our production, allowed us to attract new customers and create new jobs. We are fortunate to expand our manufacturing facilities in Berrien County.”

Falcon Lakeside was being heavily recruited by other states to locate its business outside of Berrien County. Cornerstone Alliance partnered with Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), which awarded Falcon Lakeside Manufacturing a $135,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant incentive.

“Falcon Lakeside embodies the success of the Berrien County businesses that work hard for their clients to produce a world-class product,” said Greg Vaughn, Chief Operating Officer and VP, Business Development. “The Cornerstone Alliance team worked with Falcon Lakeside to secure the right building; walked them through the MEDC process to be eligible for incentives, all important steps to make this expansion a reality. Partners including municipalities, Kinexus and Core Real Estate were instrumental in making this project happen. Cornerstone Alliance has helped eight businesses start or grow in Berrien County in 2017 and this would not have happened without the support the MEDC has given to these companies."