LANSING Mich., (October 11, 2023) – Rob Cleveland, the President and CEO of Cornerstone Alliance, testified in Lansing on Wednesday during a legislative hearing on the Data Center Bill (HB4906), which is being sponsored by State Representative Joey Andrews (D-St. Joseph). Cleveland offered his economic development and business insights on the proposed bill’s value to recruit and develop data centers in Michigan.

“House Bill 4906 has the potential to fundamentally change Michigan’s ability to be the next hub of data center growth,” Cleveland said. “Today, when working to attract data centers, our State is simply uncompetitive compared to other states.

“However, Michigan’s position improves immediately with passage of this legislation. Initial sales tax exemptions to data center companies lead to massive, transformational investment in Michigan, and offer better jobs and wages for Southwest Michigan residents.”

Andrews and Cleveland answered questions in a session with State legislators, business leaders, and interested public citizens and offered strong supporting economic and technological arguments for the bill's impacts on Michigan.

“This data center investment could be a much-needed boost for our municipalities, allowing them to invest in schools, roads, and aging infrastructure,” Cleveland added. “Data centers create high-wage careers for young people with a minimal impact on public services. That economic boost also leads to amenities that build a lifestyle attractive to generations of young people.”

“Rep. Andrews understands the size and scope of data center possibilities. I’m hopeful the State House and local constituents will rally behind him and support this legislation. It’s crucial to our state’s growth.”