The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Benton Harbor, it is also multi-generational. Building something that can be handed down to your kids has long been part of the American Dream. In this article from Moody on the Market, one family has proved that even today that is possible.

Seventy years ago today Guenther, Mary and Gerhard Siegert launched a small flower shop with a single greenhouse along Pipestone Road in Benton Harbor. They called it Crystal Springs Florist. Today, a third generation of the Siegert family proudly stepped off its next 70 years when they threw open the doors at 8:30am and began their 70th Anniversary celebration.

Still growing, producing, creating and selling the same top quality of plants and flowers as their founders, the Siegert family comprised of Dennis & Iris Siegert and their sons Russell and Randy Siegert now sport an exponentially grown enterprise that is one of the largest in the entire region of Michigan’s Great Southwest.

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