Main Street Benton Harbor is once again an economic hot spot. Whether it is welcoming new start-ups looking to make a name for themselves or supporting growth from long established businesses. This time downtown Benton Harbor is welcoming a new entrepreneur to its ranks as discussed in the latest article from Moody on the Market.

Kelly Arent is literally giddy with excitement over the launch of a business she has dreamed about for years, and now her new business is just days away from taking flight. The Urban Garage Market will soar to new heights on May 5th in an eclectic new space along Main Street in Benton Harbor, and while she is not directly a part of the Benton Harbor Arts District, she will share a deep kindred spirit with those who create things from thin air.

Kelly has been in business for years as Copper Roof Designs, doing interior decorating side by side with her passion for re-purposing all sorts of amazing things she has found. She long had the dream to have a space to house all that “collected goodness” as she calls it.

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